Our vision is the eradication of systemic poverty and violence against women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our mission is to empower women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo in their fight for safety, education, and economic independence.

Empowering Women

We are inspired by the courage of women in Congo. We are moved by the horrific conditions in which they struggle to survive and provide for their families. We have seen the ways that a small group of Congolese women in Kinshasa have made changes in their own lives. We celebrate the vision that leads them to empower others through their non-profit “Woman, Cradle of Abundance,” and its spreading ripples of hope and dignity. We celebrate the courage that enables “the CENEDI” center in Uvira in eastern Congo, to reach out to girls and women surviving rape as a weapon of war, and to help educate the children of their villages, so they may grow up to help challenge the systems which do not value women or children.

Who are we?  Their North American friends and partners. We are cheerleaders and fundraisers, to share their story and help provide means for them to continue to reach out to the most destitute girls and women. They aim to teach and empower the marginalized to take charge of their own lives, and there are many success stories. There is also desperate need; as each young girl, each mother, each widow, reaches the goal of self-determination and self-support, another battered, abandoned, illiterate one appears. The path to education for the most destitute children is a daily struggle, but the success of each girl or boy is worth the effort. Our partners cannot do it alone so we are privileged to help.

On the stairs to success there are three essential steps: safety, education, economic self-sufficiency. We support safety: food and clothing for the destitute, medical help for those living with HIV/AIDS and survivors of rape, refuge from violence and counseling for trauma. We support education: literacy for girls and women, schooling for children and youth, teaching about human rights and women’s rights. We support economic empowerment: marketable skills, financial literacy, income-generating activities.

You can HELP!!! Be a PARTNER to transform a life, one girl, one woman, at a time!

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