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Femme Berceau de l’Abondance or FEBA, (French for Woman Cradle of Abundance) began in 1999 when an ecumenical group of Christian women in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, organized their own non-profit to respond to systemic poverty and violence against women in the DRC. Led by its visionary president Mme Monique Misenga Mukuna, Femme Berceau de l’Abondance has created a community where women gather to share their stories and envision breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. The name they chose comes from the Bible verse John 10:10 in which Jesus says that He has come to give life abundantly. The founders of FEBA see that women – although themselves systematically marginalized – are called to be the cradle for God’s abundance and, acting in Christian faith, they are courageous enough to answer this call.



  • Monique Misenga Mukuna – President

  • Bitota Angelique Ngoyi – Treasurer

  • Jeannette Adiyo – Head of Sewing School

  • Antoinette Muleka Tshisuaka – Medical Care and Life Skills Education

  • Henriette Kibadi Nzeyi – Medical Care and School Children Program

  • Ernestine Mianda Kashala – Literacy Teacher


  • Marie-Jeanne Kapinga Kayuwa – Former Secretary 

  • Agnes Anekumba Umadjela – Former Treasurer 



Maman Monique was educated through university in French and pedagogy. She was a secondary school teacher and principal.  Then she opened her own sewing shop and created a good business with international activities. For more than 30 years she has used all her varied abilities to lead women to find their voices and develop their own skills. She serves as the Director and inspiration and practical visionary for all of FEBA’s work.

Maman Monique's Testimony

Interview with Maman Monique

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