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Our vision is the eradication of systemic poverty and violence against women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Our mission is to empower women and children in need in the DRC in their fight for safety, education, and economic independence.

Providing a market for goods produced by the sewing school

Partnering with HAW and CENEDI on educational and women's initiatives 



The American non-profit Woman, Cradle of Abundance, Inc., was the beautiful outcome of a special meeting, when Monique Misenga Mukuna, the head of the Congolese non-profit Femme Berceau de l’Abondance (FEBA, French for Woman Cradle of Abundance), and Elsie Tshimunyi McKee became friends. Elsie was born and reared in the west Kasai province of the DRC. As a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary she has supported various educational and medical projects in the Kasai, including teaching there short-term. She became personally acquainted with “Maman Monique” and her work in 2008. When the African-initiated non-profit FEBA entered its second phase in 2010, Elsie began to work closely with Maman Monique and her colleagues. She spent several years working to establish a non-profit in North America to support FEBA’s ministry, which ultimately became Woman, Cradle of Abundance. In 2011, Elsie also began documenting FEBA’s story to share the amazing journeys of Maman Monique and her colleagues with her students and other North Americans. This culminated in a book in which Maman Monique tells her story, “Cradling Abundance. One African Christian’s Story of Empowering Women and Fighting Systemic Poverty”. It was published in July 2021 by IVP Academic. Establishing a non-profit in North America involved several partners, especially Shari Oosting but also Gordon Govens, Sandra Larson, Karen Oleri, and Lisa Robinson. Shari enlisted her lawyer relatives' help to apply for and receive IRS determination as a 501(c)3, in 2013. Shari and Elsie chose the name, FEBA, Inc., [yes, it is confusing!], which does business also under the name Woman Cradle of Abundance, Inc. Both FEBA, Inc., and Woman, Cradle of Abundance or WCoA are legally recognized names. In 2014, Cheryl Ciaranca, a teacher at Community Middle School in Plainsboro, NJ, asked if her youth club Hands Across the Water (HAW) could become a part of the FEBA, Inc./ Woman, Cradle of Abundance, Inc., non-profit. HAW had developed a long-term relationship with CENEDI, the Kivu non-profit Center to Mentor Children in Difficulties, led by Pastor Innocent Nunda wa Nunda. The goal of CENEDI, which addresses the problems of children and their families (mothers, sisters, others) who have suffered violence and have no access to education, are entirely compatible with those of FEBA in Kinshasa. FEBA puts primary emphasis on women and girls, but also educates children. CENEDI puts primary emphasis on educating children but also addresses violence against women and empowers them to support themselves. Both Congolese non-profits fulfill the mission of the US-based 501(c)3. This US-based non-profit is legally one entity, which has two focus points in Congo, one in Kinshasa, one in Kivu. Supporting the work of CENEDI in Kivu is primarily the responsibility of Hands Across the Water, the youth division; FEBA in Kinshasa is most closely related to the original WCoA.


  • FEBA in Kinshasa established by Maman Monique and friends.


  • CENEDI in Uvira established by Bahininwa, Innocent, and friends.


  • FEBA re-launched in Kinshasa.

  • Elsie visits Maman Monique.


  • Elsie begins to document the story of Maman Monique and FEBA.

  • 12 secondary school graduates in Kinshasa.


  • 12 sewing graduates from FEBA school.

  • 12 secondary school graduates in Kinshasa.

  • FEBA, Inc./ Woman Cradle of Abundance, Inc. as 501(c)3 founded [= “WCoA”].

  • Maman Monique in the USA to visit and speak.

  • $100,000 Capital Campaign for a Women’s Center launched with Jazz concert by Karrin Allyson.


  • 8 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • 3 secondary students in Uvira graduate.

  • $50,000 to purchase land in Kinshasa for Women’s Center.

  • Maman Monique speaks at Princeton Seminary.

  • Second jazz concert by Karrin Allyson.

  • Hands Across the Water (Plainsboro) & CENEDI, Kivu, Congo affiliated with WCoA.


  • 12 sewing graduates.

  • 10 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • Women’s Center construction begins.

  • Elsie in Congo to document more FEBA stories.

  • Goma Community Charity School is launched.

  • Karrin Allyson gives a 3rd great concert.


  • 13 sewing graduates.

  • 10 secondary students in Uvira graduate.

  • 12 secondary school graduates in Kinshasa.

  • FEBA mentors a sewing school in the Kasai; its director visits FEBA’s school.

  • Mamans Monique and Antoinette visit the USA.

  • 2 concerts “Pour Femme” by Anna de Groot (Preston) and friends.

  • 5K #RunAgainstRape begun (becomes an annual event).


  • 10 sewing graduates.

  • 9 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • FEBA buys a 24 acre farm.  Half cleared for production.

  • Women’s Center building nearing completion.

  • Maman Monique & Maman Jeannette do a workshop for the Kasai sewing school.

  • Capital Campaign reaches $155,000.

  • J&J CaringCrowd fundraiser to begin furnishing the Women’s Center.

Timeline graphic.png


  • 11 sewing graduates.

  • 1 sewing school graduate has paid her own way to complete secondary school.

  • 10 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • 10 secondary students in Uvira graduate & celebrate 32 graduates in all.

  • Woman Center is opened. FEBA’s sewing school moves into its new home.

  • FEBA’s farm: good harvest, despite bad weather.

  • Maman Monique speaks at Princeton Seminary.

  • 3rd annual 5K expands to youth “real run” in Virginia.

  • Successful Facebook fundraiser for pick-up truck for FEBA’s farm.


  • Peaceful transfer of power in Congo for the first time since 1960.

  • 17 sewing graduates at top of national exams.

  • 12 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • 11 sixth-grade graduates from Community Charity School.

  • New pick-up arrives for FEBA farm, & 7 acres added to farm.

  • A market garden pilot project & small animal husbandry launched.

  • Women’s Center courtyard is roofed for more space & protection against violent rains.

  • Workshop prepares Uvira graduates to be Peace-Ambassadors in primary schools, & education benefits the whole CENEDI community.

  • A rented farm in Munene (Uvira) for 100 women survivors of violence.

  • Uvira women’s micro-business sews school uniforms for UN project.

  • Brunch, 5K, & Facebook support projects.


  • 9 sewing graduates [graduation March 2021].

  • 14 sixth-graders graduate from CCS in Goma.

  • 12 secondary school graduates in Kinshasa.

  • FEBA suspends plans for culinary school but feeds 200+ families during covid lock-down. FEBA also adds 10 acres to farm.

  • Micro-loans for c.60 women to relaunch.

  • Farm of 5 acres bought for Munene (Uvira) women’s coop.

  • J&J CaringCrowd fundraiser to buy farm for women.


  • 12 sewing graduates.

  • 12 secondary students in Kinshasa graduate.

  • 14 sixth-graders graduate from CCS.

  • Tractor for FEBA farm.

  • Mill & generator for Munene women’s coop.

  • Land purchase for Goma school (future building).

  • Maman Monique’s auto-biography published: Cradling Abundance.

  • “Change for Congo”& HAW youth fundraisers.

  • Professionalizing WCoA.


  • 11 sewing graduates.

  • 12 secondary school graduates in Kinshasa.

  • 6 primary school graduates in Kinshasa.

  • 22 sixth-graders in Goma.

  • Saving Promesse’s life.

  • FEBA farm expanded again, 10 acres (total 21 hectares=52 acres).

  • FEBA replaces Women's Center roof thanks to grant.

  • WCoA professional consultant & retreat to plan for future.

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