The New Women's Center

The great news in 2014 was the purchase of land on which to build the Women’s Center. The exciting news of 2015 was the beginning of construction.  The Women’s Center will serve as the primary operating facility of Woman, Cradle of Abundance.

The Center will house a shelter for abused girls and women, private rooms for counseling, and large common areas for the sewing and literacy schools, including a store and display area for the beautiful products of the sewing school. It will also contain a small dormitory for girls who currently travel long distances to attend the school.

The Women’s Center will serve as the primary operating facility of Woman, Cradle of Abundance.  The layout of Women’s Center has been redesigned several times to maximize the use of the property and provide as much natural light as possible for the interior.  Progress has been slow in part because the torrential, daily rains for months at a time have prevented construction; concrete does not set in a downpour!


Our capital campaign has been successful! THANK YOU VERY MUCH to every person who contributed to making this dream come true!  FEBA/ Woman Cradle of Abundance now has a home! Center Tomisunga (Lingala for “we help each other”) will soon be ready for occupancy.  MANY MANY THANKS!


Our Congo refuge for girls and women who have suffered violence and abuse, our center for good health and counseling, our center for education and new life – is CELEBRATING our successful campaign with J&J CARING CROWD!

Thank you to each person who contributed!  Thank you, J&J!

This matching crowdfunding project provides furnishings for our Center Tomisunga.  We are now purchasing the kitchen and dining equipment, a refrigerator, and other items.  The beds and tables and chairs, etc., are being made by local woodworkers, so our success will also benefit the very fragile economy in Kinshasa.

See to learn more about this project.

Stay tuned for photos of the inauguration of Tomisunga in July.