Elections Were Calm!

The Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced its first peaceful transfer of power since national independence from Belgium in 1960!

Through the turmoil of many delays & mostly small-scale violence, national elections were finally held on Dec. 30, 2018. Tensions were very high, military were everywhere, internet access was cut off for more than a week amid accusations from within & without about serious irregularities. YET…  

On Jan. 24, the new President Tshisekedi was inaugurated, speaking of reconciliation & a “Congo for all.”

The country is generally calm. Commerce has been virtually dead for months, & people starving. The hope now is for a return to economic stability & the possibility for ordinary people to live, work, make ends meet. Tshisekedi’s province of origin is the Kasai, also the birthplace of Maman Monique & several other FEBA leaders. This area has suffered terribly since violence in 2016, so the presidency of one of their own is an encouraging sign that a new day has dawned.