Newsletter April 2019

See Our New Truck!

feba truck 1.jpg

First, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this wonderful new step in self-sufficiency for the farm.

feba truck 2.jpg

It is a 2015 Nissan, used but in great condition, currently getting its license plates, insurance, etc. By the time you read this, it will be on the way to the farm to collect the harvest & bring it to Kinshasa to feed the poorest members of the community & to sell to support plowing & planting new crops of corn, beans, cassava.

What is cassava? It is a root which supplies the staple food of most Congolese; its leaves are another key food. Many of you may know cassava as the little particles in tapioca pudding. Cassava plants take a year to mature; then the roots must be peeled & dried before they can be cut up & pounded into flour. Alone cassava is pure starch, so it is often mixed with corn flour to provide some protein. Below: sacks of cassava roots from the first harvest.

feba manioc 1.jpg

Brunch Mu(n)ch Success!

What a beautiful welcoming delicious day at Princeton United Methodist Church! So many thanks to our hosts, & to organizer Susan Lidstone, decorator Judy Miller, chef Ian MacDonald, & all who came to feast & learn. Money raised completed the import taxes to get our truck out of hock. WONDERFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The beautiful display of FEBA wares contributed to the success of the day. Missed it? Come visit us at Communiversity, April 28th, at Princeton United Methodist Church, Vandeventer & Nassau.  PS We have some exciting new jackets! Just the right weight for spring (or summer AC), go-everywhere style. Be the first in your neighborhood!

Back by popular demand: Get your photo with the amazing Ciaranca parrots! Communiversity April 28.

Women’s Day in Uvira

uvira womens day 2019 e.jpg

Political & physical weather make life in eastern Congo a constant battle for survival. Guerilla conflicts continue, unseasonal storms batter villages. But in the midst of all this, women of Uvira still celebrate March 8, International Women’s Day, claiming their voices. Children & other members of the community rejoice with the women.

The women march in joy, celebrating that they have a right to speak. A new wrap dress (often the only new clothes they ever have) & a good meal: for once enough to eat, are two highlights of Women’s Day.

THANK YOU, Hands Across the Water at Community Middle School, Grover Middle School, High School North!

The young scholars at Community Middle School (CMS), Grover Middle School (GMS), Plainsboro West Windsor High School North have remained faithful to their Congolese brothers & sisters. Their fundraisers have insured that Community Charity School (CMS) in Goma can pay its bills (salaries & rent) through the end of this school year (11 months in Congo).

A little history: The HAW group at CMS was founded in 2007, with Ms. Cheryl Ciaranca. Its graduates took HAW with them to HS, where Anjali Dhayagude is president now. Last year Grover, led by Ms. Diane Chiocca, began to participate & hopes to have a full-fledged HAW club next year. You Are Wonderful Young People!