Newsletter May 2018

See the New Farm

The first season’s crops are growing well! Corn & beans will be ready for harvest in June, manioc later in the year. This will feed the students & poorest members of FEBA, many of whom are almost starving in the current politico-economic situation. The rest will be sold to pay for other necessities to support nutrition & health. Thank you for our farm, First Presbyterian Church of Evanston!

farm 2.jpg

Before they can harvest, the women need a place to stay at the farm & storage for the crops until they are transported to Kinshasa. First Presby has started a farm-house project. Thank you! (For now FEBA rents space on a truck for transport to Kinshasa, but eventually the project needs its pick-up for a self sustaining agricultural success.)

farm 3.jpg

The farm guard hosted Mme Henriette & Mme Antoinette when they came to see the progress & assess on-going needs… such as weeding!!!

Coming next time: the sewing school moves into the Tomisunga Women’s Center!


3rd Annual Run Against Rape


Grab a friend, an aunt, a brother, your kids, & run, walk, row, or bike a 5K wherever you are! Our third annual RunAgainstRape will launch again this coming June. Choose a day in June, run your 5K wherever you are, & send Woman, Cradle of Abundance a picture & $25 for each person involved. In the past, the creativity had families swimming, rocking in rocking chairs, biking & hiking a 5K, all to raise money to help our Congo sisters. Extra points for the most creative 5K!


Maman Monique on TV

On April 2 Maman Monique was interviewed on The Dr. Joy Show hosted on Princeton Community TV!

Communiversity 2018

It was wonderful! Great thanks to Susan & Mayra for set up & running it all, to Cheryl & Joe; lovely friendly parrots Maddie & Mariah posed with guests. Susan congratulates a beautiful customer model-ing her new FEBA jacket!

Don’t you want one, too?!

Or a pillow cover, bag, shirt, bracelet, earrings?

farm 3.jpg

Special thanks to a great bunch of young people from Hands Across the Water (HAW) in Plainsboro! From middle school (CMS) through high (HSNorth) they have enthusiastically supported students in eastern Congo: education for orphans in Uvira & Goma, hope for war-torn communities. HURRAH, HAW!

Suffering Floods

Warning This photo may be disturbing to some viewers. View photo

Our sisters & brothers in Uvira, Goma, survivors of war & rape, orphans & widows, are mourning the deaths of friends & family who have been drowned. We have sent some aid; you can help.

Climate Change Disasters


In Congo the annual rainy season used to be a predictable heavy rain (1+ hours/ day) for about 6 months. Now it has become an annual disaster of continuous torrential rains that produce floods, unpredictable in timing or length. In Kinshasa (south of the equator) people as well as homes were swept away in Nov.-Dec. In northeastern Congo, on the other side of the equator, now is the disaster.

Mountains wash down on villages, nearby Lake Tanganyika has inundated coastal inhabitants. Many are struggling to stay alive huddled together without shelter, rain beating down on them.