Newsletter August 2017

Sharing Sewing Skills with Sisters

Our partner ROW (now Mission: Hope) has been supporting a sewing school at Tshikaji, in the Kasai, to educate young women in a career. The three fine women who lead it were never formally trained as tailors or sewing teachers though they have done their best. Woman Cradle of Abundance was asked to help this sister school. In summer 2016 one teacher, Mme Beki, spent three weeks in Kinshasa, observing the work & organization of the Woman Cradle of Abundance school. Mme Monique & Mme Jeannette (head sewing teacher) were invited to come to the Kasai to teach a workshop. 

The visit was postponed many months because of serious fighting in Kasai (see below). In July 2017 Kasai was calmer, though desperately poor. No cars… so a motor cycle taxi it is for Mme Monique & Mme Jeannette.

Members of the sewing school at Tshikaji have suffered in the devastation of the war, so Woman Cradle of Abundance wanted to encourage them as well as teach. Then they explored questions of organizing studies, developing meansof self-support, the importance of quality in the products in order to find markets. And Mme Monique & Mme Jeannette presented Mme Beki, Mme Rose, & Mme Marthe with a gift of material to practice the new things they had learned about sewing.

Now they smile and show off the lovely shirts they made in their workshop. Sisters are partners.


Aid to Refugees

The Kasai area has been devastated by fighting, rape, murder, pillage, for many months. Over 3000 dead, more than 100,000 displaced: refugees struggle simply to survive, as they mourn the deaths of their families, the loss of everything. Woman Cradle of Abundance shared in the collectionoffoodandclothing by churchwomen in Kinshasa;  thanks to the UN for transporting the aid. In July Mme Monique participated in this mission to Kananga, capital of the west Kasai, to distribute food and comfort for hundreds of orphans &  widows fleeing the fighting, hiding in forests, walking 2, 3, even 4 weeks to relative safety in Kananga. One pregnant woman gave birth to triplets in the forest; one died of cold, she now cares for the remaining two. There is not enough food.

Congrats to Grads!

Completing secondary school (about junior college level) is a major accomplishment in Congo, where most young people never can afford the cost. Or cannot pay for a school which teaches them well enough to pass the state exams which are the only recognized certification of education. You also pay to register for the exams. Woman Cradle of Abundance helps as many children as possible pay school fees. This year they are delighted to announce that all nine secondary students in their final year passed their state exams! Congratulations, Graduates! Congratulations, Woman Cradle of Abundance!

Thank you to Participants in #RunAgainstRape!!!

Thank you, Friends! We are so grateful to all who participated in our second annual 5K #RunAgainstRape! You are creative runners (or walkers or …!) & Woman Cradle of Abundance says “Merci beaucoup!!!”

Note: Elsie McKee was not able to make her planned trip to Congo because of the unrest. She still plans to go next year, if possible.