Newsletter Winter 2014

Great News

Concert and Campaign: Great Success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Tuasakidila wa bungi! We are thrilled to share the wonderful news of your generosity. Together the marvelous jazz concert and the year-end gifts
swept us up to and then over our goal! Thanks to your kindness, we surpassed the $10,000 mark to match our challenge grant. There were 47 donors who contributed $10,894 to the fund for the women’s center, so as of January 1, 2014, the capital campaign has received $30,894.

Karrin Allyson and Bill McGlaughlin

Karrin Allyson's concert was indeed marvelous! Beginning with a delightful social gathering, the evening led up to a stellar concert. Karrin wowed everyone! Whenever we meet members of the audience they are still talking about it in exclamation points... and lobbying for an encore. We are
hoping... Stay tuned...

Wonderful Responses to the Campaign

This heartwarming response from so many of you inspired two special responses, one from each side of the Atlantic. First is renewed energy by our Congolese sisters to contribute to the
Women’s Center. They have taken on the challenge of providing the furnishings: tables, chairs, beds and desks.

Despite extremely limited funds, many parents in Kinshasa want to make the Christmas season special for their children by gifts of new clothing. So, with her usual flair for grasping an opportunity to help Woman Cradle of Abundance, Mme Monique has (with the help of a donor) bought extra supplies from China and been at the market nearly every day herself. 

On our side of the Atlantic the response to your generosity has been another gift: a different donor has offered a second challenge grant for the same amount! Any gifts for the capital campaign received by June 30, 2014 (Congo's independence day) will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $10,000! Just think - when all of us together meet this challenge, we will be halfway to our goal!

Special Visitor

Presenting Our President – Meet Mme Monique

Princeton Theological Seminary is hosting a one-day conference: African Women Extraordinaire (AWE) II, and Mme Monique Misenga Mukuna, president of Woman, Cradle of Abundance in Congo, will be one of the two featured speakers! This AWE II event, co-sponsored by the Department of Continuing Education and Prof. McKee's class Women in African Christianity, will be held on March 6, 2014. The theme is “Church, Health & Women’s Development.” Owing in large part to their subordinate status and endemic domestic and social tolerance of violence, women and girls are disproportionately affected by this modern plague. Women leaders in churches are among the strong voices addressing this issue both at the macro-level of consciousness raising and education and the micro-level of individuals living with the disease.

Come hear two experts - who have decades of experience both on the ground and in the wider  
information and registration details, go to:

Can't come to the conference?

There will be other opportunities to meet President Monique Mukuna and her younger colleague Mme Henriette Kibadi (pictured here, left and center, with nurse colleague Mme Antoinette Tshisuaka on the right). They will be visiting Woman, Cradle of Abundance, Inc. (USA) branch from Feb. 27 to March 16, 2014. Contact to invite these amazing, feisty, faithful women to talk with your group, or visit our Facebook page to see other events where you may meet and talk with them.

Friends & New Developments

Woman, Cradle of Abundance Becomes Fashionista Leader!

Zastra, a high-end new store on Palmer Square in Princeton, has just been opened by our friend Aruna Arya. It will be featuring elegant dresses and accessories made by Woman, Cradle of Abundance. The new fashions will be part of Zastra’s spring line-up, beginning Feb, 15. We are very grateful to Aruna for offering this wonderful window in the heart of Princeton for consignments from Congo. Visit the site at:

Who We Are

Woman, Cradle of Abundance, Inc., would like to begin introducing the gifted women who make this nonprofit work. All of us are volunteers:

Shari Oosting – Treasurer | Director of Communications

“I had been looking for a volunteer opportunity, hoping to find a faith-based organization focusing in a holistic way on poverty and gender-based violence. I also wanted it to be operated by Congolese women. After attending a presentation at Titusville Presbyterian Church and hearing Elsie McKee talk about her contacts in the DR Congo and their courageous fight against poverty and violence, I was hooked. Since then we have officially formed a North American nonprofit, provided ongoing support for the sewing school in Kinshasa, formed partnerships with local churches and groups, and launched a capital campaign to build a Women’s Center. Our Congolese sisters are boldly attacking systemic problems through caring for individual women and children. Their capacity for forgiveness and perseverance inspire and encourage me to work on their behalf by seeing that their stories are heard. If I can help one survivor of forced prostitution find her way to a better life, I will consider my work an absolute success. For me this work is what it means to pray and live that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. When I am not volunteering with Woman, Cradle of Abundance, I can be found chasing around my three children Asher (5), Ezra (2) and Elia (newborn) with my husband Jason and working at Princeton Seminary’s Institute for Youth Ministry.”