Women’s Center Fundraising Challenge Match
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Women’s Center Fundraising Challenge Match

Our dream will come true! Soon FEBA will have its new HOME, the multi-purpose Tomisunga (“We Help Each Other”) Women’s Center for refuge and education and economic empowerment.

Building is never straight-forward and simple in Congo, and the political unrest has caused skyrocketing inflation. The key is to keep on keeping on, despite all the obstacles. We are now projecting the doors will open in early 2018!

We thank you for your generosity to bring us so far, and for your understanding about Congo realities which mean that we are not quite there yet.


And we have a New Goal and Matching Grant!

Matching Gift Challenge:
$7000 by December 31

Every dollar we receive by Dec. 31, up to $7000, will be matched one-to-one. One more big push to get into our dream house!

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Etsy Store Launch & Social Media Celebration

All those beautiful Congo creations so many people have admired and asked to buy… they are now at last going online! See samples of dresses, shirts, bags, aprons, and more on Etsy, Nov. 15, when we will launch a social media splash. Look for your friends wearing FEBA fashions, proudly sporting the sign “I support Woman, Cradle of Abundance!” Join internationally acclaimed model Luna Serena and TV host Dr. Joy and all of us to spread the word!

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