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  • $15 - transportation and daily meals for a sewing school student for 1 week
  • $50 - regular counseling and shelter for a survivor of rape or forced prostitution for 3 months
  • $75 - HIV/AIDS medical care and nutritious food for a woman for 3 months
  • $210 - elementary school tuition and uniform for an orphan for 1 year
  • $350 - hospitalization and medical care for a rape survivor
  • $950 - cost to journey with one woman from being a new student to starting her own business
  • $2750 - staff salaries and facility maintenance at the sewing and literacy school for half a year
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In addition, major gifts are needed to purchase a designated Women's Center, which will give women and girls a safe place to live while attending school, receiving counseling and medical care, and learning a trade and life skills. Please contact us for more information.

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"Esete” was an abused child-bride from rural area, married through deceit to a much older man in Kinshasa.  The man sent her family a dowry of $300 and a photo, and her father sent Esete to a stranger who spoke a different language. She arrived to find the man old enough to be her father, with a wife and grown children. Esete was sexually abused, battered, and sometimes starved. She ran away and was brought back.

The second time she escaped she found her way to Maman Monique, who helped her get the extensive medical treatment she needed. Maman Monique also confronted the “husband.” When he threatened to take her to court, she insisted on seeing his marriage certificate. But he had none; a second wife is not legal (though it is common). He could not reclaim his “wife” but Esete also did not want to return home for fear her family would arrange another marriage.

Safe in the care of Woman, Cradle of Abundance, which provides school fees and uniforms for destitute and orphaned children, Esete was able to go back to school and finish her education. Your donation gives hope for girls like “Esete”!