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Join us to make a direct impact improving lives of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Where the Money Goes:


  • $15 - transportation and daily meals for a sewing school student for 1 week

  • $25 - classroom supplies at Community Charity School for 1 month

  • $45 - crisis medical care and pastoral counseling for a rape victim in Eastern Congo

  • $50 - regular counseling and shelter for a survivor of rape or forced prostitution for 1 month

  • $80 - uniform and educational costs for 1 year for an orphan at Community Charity School

  • $70 - teacher pay for 1 month at Community Charity School

  • $75 - HIV/AIDS medical care and nutritious food for a woman for 3 months

  • $210 - elementary school tuition and uniform for an orphan for 1 year in Kinshasa

  • $350 - hospitalization and medical care for a rape survivor

  • $950 - cost to journey with one woman from being a new student to starting her own business

  • $2750 - staff salaries and facility maintenance at the sewing and literacy school for 4 months

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We do not sell or share donor information with any other organization or body. Woman, Cradle of Abundance is a 501(c)(3) charity.

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