Our vision is the eradication of systemic poverty and violence against women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our mission is to empower women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in their fight against violence and poverty through education, counseling, medical and support services, and economic independence.

Video Introduction

Leah's Story

Leah* is a student in the sewing school. Her family was prosperous until her father was stabbed to death by soldiers one night when he was answering a call for help from his apprentice. For Leah's family, the world fell apart; an aunt tried to take in Leah and her brother but the aunt's husband cast them out. They were moved around from one relative to another and there was no money to pay for school. Now Leah lives with her grandmother and an aunt who is paralyzed. She wanted to learn sewing but she had no money. Then Leah heard about Woman, Cradle of Abundance, where the monthly fees are minimal - enough to encourage self-respect and commitment but within the reach of even the poorest. (One can also pay on the installment plan.) Each month her aunt contributes a little of the money from their tenant and Leah herself saves whatever bits of money she can earn by hair-styling. Fees are small but the education provided by Woman, Cradle of Abundance is good! Despite five years of schooling, Leah was effectively illiterate when she came to this program; now she has learned to read and write as well as sew and will soon be ready to provide for herself and contribute to her family's life.
*name changed.

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Some Facts about the World of the DRC

36 Raped Each Day

Eastern Congo is the rape capital of the world.

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78% illiterate or semi-literate

Education is a key for human rights, but girls have little or no access

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176 On The Human Development Scale = Extreme Poverty

The DRC ranks very low on the UN Human Development. The statistics tell the story: poor, pregnant, and very young.

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