Our vision is the eradication of systemic poverty and violence against women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our mission is to empower women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in their fight against violence and poverty through education, counseling, medical and support services, and economic independence.

Video Introduction

Luta's Story

Thirteen-year-old Luta was an orphan. Her parents had died of AIDS, which is considered a mystery and curse, so Luta was accused of killing them by sorcery. Her relatives threw her out; she was left to wander the streets and contracted Tuberculosis.

One day she heard of a kind woman who helped anyone who came to her, so she went to look for Mme Monique. Immediately Mme Monique took Luta into her home and got her medical care, in spite of the warnings of her neighbors that she risked catching TB from the child.

Not long after Luta was well and strong again, a beautiful young girl, her uncle turned up at Mme Monique’s door. He had changed his mind about Luta being a sorceress; he probably thought he would soon be able to marry her off and get a good bride price which is paid to the father. So her uncle offered Luta a home and education.

A year later Luta was back at Mme Monique’s door.  She had learned that her uncle only wanted her to be his family’s servant.  Luta wanted to get an education and make something of her life, and Mme Monique enrolled her in the sewing school of Woman, Cradle of Abundance, where she not only learned a respectable trade but also continued her education.

Some Facts about the World of the DRC

36 Raped Each Day

Eastern Congo is the rape capital of the world.

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78% illiterate or semi-literate

Education is a key for human rights, but girls have little or no access

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176 On The Human Development Scale = Extreme Poverty

The DRC ranks very low on the UN Human Development. The statistics tell the story: poor, pregnant, and very young.

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